Wrapping up 2015

WestWord, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta magazine.
WestWord, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta magazine

I wrote a short wrap-up of 2015 and put it in WestWord, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta magazine. It’s in the January/February 2016 issue. I’m surrounded by lots of great writers.

Graham Clews has had a busy 2015. He learned what a hashtag means, started blogging and indie-published two novels. Politically Detained came out in September, when Parliament Hill was a hot topic. The fictional tale is about a half dozen well-heeled seniors who are willing to lay it all the line; a disgusted minister of finance prepared to resign in a final burst of glory; a middle aged female MP caught up in their web of intrigue; and, of course, the authorities who try to track them down, as the well intentioned would-be criminals not only highlight the problems, they also offer the solutions… Graham’s second novel, A Slightly Tainted Hero, was released in November. The book is a humorous yet philosophical look at an accountant’s late-in-life romp with marriage, money and his 15 minutes of fame. You can find both books on Graham’s website: https://www.graham-clews.com/. Meanwhile, you can find Graham typing in Times New Roman about Roman Old Times. He’s working on his fourth installment of the Eboracum series, a set of historical fiction novels set in York during the Roman period.