Thank you, ladies

Graham Clews.
I’m currently in Arizona writing the fourth installment of the Eboracum series.

I was delighted to discover another review on Eboracum, The Village. This one was by Cathy W, on Goodreads, and it left me with a hearteningly warm glow. It’s such a wonderful feeling when someone really seems to like and enjoy your work. There is an irony to be found here, though.

When I began the Eboracum series, I thought it was being written as what I’d often called ‘a male read.” Any romance in the book was pragmatic, as were characters of both gender. The conflicts pulled no punches, and I did my best to research and convey the reality of the times. As such, I was completely blindsided with the enthusiastic response from my female readers: the reviews and even letters and cards were most appreciated.

Thank you, ladies.