Exodus Romana

I’m working on a fourth Eboracum book.

It’s the end of November and I’ve been typing away in the U.S. for a few weeks now. I moved offices from the wintery weather of Edmonton – to the much warmer and welcomed weather of Arizona. (Although Alberta hasn’t been too cold recently. Still, there’s always a chance of snow in Canada. )


Do you see the map on the wall beside me? You can probably tell it’s a map of the U.K. It’s also a tool to help with my new novel. Yes, I’m working on a fourth book to add to my Eboracum trilogy: Exodus Romana. On my website I did say the final novel in the Eboracum trilogy was Eboracum, Carved in Stone, but somewhere along the lines (spelling mistake and pun intended) I changed my mind.

I’m not going to give too much away just yet about the new novel. I have some musing to do… May the stories of Celts and the Romans live on!