Breaking up is hard to do

Me in my 'Man Cave' on a rainy September 2017 morning.
Me in my ‘Man Cave’ on a rainy September 2017 morning.

I dedicated Eboracum, No Turning Back to the recent Brexit decision. Brexit is controversial, to say the least, but it is history going full-circle. After more than sixteen hundred years, Britain will free itself of rule from Europe for the second time. As with most break-ups, it won’t be easy. There will be tears and fighting and lots of red tape. Perhaps an author in a couple thousand years will use it as fodder for a historical saga in the same way I’ve used the Roman invasion of Britain in my own Eboracum stories.

All my Eboracum books differ from what is usually found in historical (Roman) fiction and No Turning Back follows the same pattern. Yes, the books stick to the historic facts and are well researched (like most historic fiction); yes, there are conflicts and battles and crises that take place; and yes, there are complicated relationships and individual stories and a certain amount of romance. However, the characters’ stories are told with a pragmatic, realistic edge to them, to which you, reader, can ready relate. There are no stalwart heroes, no nasty, evil villains, but more the average person(s) for the most part – people like ourselves who struggle to get things done despite our flaws and idiosyncrasies and the odd ‘screw up.’ I feel that my characters are people you might still know today: people who mess up, and have their plans go awry; women who have moods and minds of their own; and men who are just as likely to go sideways as forward. The results often take place with that dark, ironic humour that surpasses time.

The ebook version of Eboracum, No Turning Back  is available now. It was just released today. I hope you’ll download a copy, curl up in a corner and spend time with some people in the past. They might have different names and hygiene habits but they’re just like you and me. As well, while you’re being entertained, you’re also getting a history lesson and learning about Eboracum…York…my home town.

Eboracum, No Turning Back  is also available in hardcopy and can be ordered by clicking here. Looking to start with Book I? Click here for the entire four book series.