Eboracvm, Carved in Stone

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Eboracum, Carved in Stone

The final book in the Eboracum trilogy

Everything that ends is replaced by another beginning. With its building in stone in the years A.D. 105-107, Eboracum is permanently founded as a structure that will one day grow to become the City of York. The fortress sits proudly on the site where Cethen Lamh-fada’s old village once stood, an event he swore never to witness. Bent by age but never bowed, he is forced by the destinies of his children to once more confront the vagaries of Rome. With four sons divided and his old Roman nemesis still alive, he must come to terms with the stark reality of what remains of his hope of redemption, and dreams of glory. Yet another rebellion is brewing in the North and Cethen knows that, whatever the outcome, for him there will never be another...


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